Founded in 2003, the Nappy Alliance is a coalition of independent providers of reusable nappies which exists to promote the economic and environmental benefits of reusable nappies and promotes greater consumer choice for parents.

The Nappy Alliance believes that parents should be given more information about reusable nappies, empowering them to make an informed choice about the products that they choose to use. Over the years, the Nappy Alliance has made significant progress to create a growing market of environmentally friendly products, with all major supermarkets as stockists and 30% of parents opting to use them at some stage.

What do we want?

The Alliance does not seek a ban on the use of disposable nappies. We fully understand that for many new parents and carers they are a very helpful product and an essential part of managing busy lives. But we believe that local government is right to look at reducing reliance on disposable nappies along with other single-use plastics.

Reusable nappy schemes are being rolled out across the country and are helping to deliver significant cost savings to local councils through reduced landfill tax and disposal costs and help councils meet their environment and waste targets. However, currently provision of reusable schemes is patchy, and the Alliance seeks to promote greater standardisation and facilitate shared learnings across local authorities.