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If you’re concerned about plastic pollution and  support the Nappies (Environmental Standards) Bill, please find your local MP and write to them.

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Click on your MP’s name and you’ll then be able to write your message.

Let them know your thoughts on single-use plastics.

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Please find an example of a letter that could be sent below:

Dear **name of MP**


Like many people in my neighbourhood, I am increasingly concerned about the severe levels of plastic pollution and how this is affecting both the environment and the health of my friends and family.


According to recycling charity Wrap, eight million nappies are thrown out every day in the UK. These are plastic rich and can take more than 300 years to break down, and even when they do eventually decompose, they produce methane which contributes to global warming. Even the use of just one re-usable nappy in place of a disposable a day could save 730 nappies from landfill during the early stages of a child’s life.


To combat this, I plead with you to support the proposals in David Linden MP’s Nappies (Environmental Standards) Bill, which aims to improve the environmental standards of single-use plastics in disposable nappies and cut costs for local government and young families through the promotion of reusable nappy schemes. The bill is not seeking to ban single-use nappies, as they can be an essential part of managing busy lives, but it provides an important opportunity to give parents more information about reusables and the chance to give them a try.


Yours sincerely,


**Insert name and address**