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The Nappies Bill

About the Nappies (Environmental Standards) Bill

This Bill asks the government to address manufacturers of the so-called biodegradable/’eco’ disposable nappies which are not environmentally friendly. These products are misleading to consumers as they still end up in landfill or incinerators so The Nappies Bill calls for more product information to be

disclosed to consumers.


The bill discusses the implementation of an industry and government led campaign to promote nappies that meet the environmental standards. Specifying that the public should be provided with information on the environmental effects of disposable nappies and the financial advantages of reusable nappies for families and local authorities.


The bill also encourages incentives for local authorities across the country to roll out reusable nappy voucher schemes helping to reduce disposable nappy waste and the circulation of single-use plastics.

Greater awareness & access

The Nappy Alliance believes that parents should be given more information about reusable nappies, empowering them to make an informed choice about the products that they choose to use.

Working with local nappy voucher schemes

Parents should be made aware of and have more access to voucher schemes. More parents will then have the opportunity to try the eco-friendly alternatives for themselves. A great example of these schemes is that run by Real Nappies for London which operates across nine London Boroughs including the Hackney Reusable Nappy Network.